LAMINATION, lash lifts & HENNA

At Ophelia Aesthetics, we now offer non invasive and non permanent brow & lash treatments. With henna brows and brow lamination services we have something suitable for every style of brow. Lash lifts enhance your natural lashes, giving the appearance of longer, fuller & thicker lashes. A hybrid tint can also be added to lamination & lash lift services to give an extra boost of drama, definition and colour.

Our brow services are great if you’re not ready to commit to semi permanent make up, want to try it out, can’t have it for religious or health related reasons. These treatments are also great if you like to switch up your look and want something that will last a while.


Henna Brows 55 Henna Brows & Lash Lift 80
Brow Lamination 45 Henna Brows, Lash Lift & Tint 85
Brow Lamination & Tint 55 Lamination, Lash Lift & Tint 85
Lash Lift 40
Lash Lift & Tint 45




Non permanent, natural, low maintenance brow & lash treatments suitable for almost anyone

Brow laminations are perfect for achieving a more lifted, sculpted look and taming unruly, curly hair

Great for anyone unable to have semi permanent make up due to health or religious reasons

Henna can stain the skin for up to 3 weeks and the hairs for up to 8 weeks with good aftercare

Henna brows are perfect for trying out an ombre brow before committing to PMU as they look like a healed brow tattoo

We only use hybrid tints, so they can stain the skin for up to 9 days and the hair for up to 7 weeks

Brow and lash treatments can last weeks, perfect for general maintenance or for holidays and occasions

All non permanent brow and lash treatments enhance your natural growth so you’ll still feel like you

From the point of booking an appointment through Instagram and finally to the day of my appointment Perveer was outstanding. She was professional throughout and very good at communicating. The studio is impeccable. My treatment was perfect, I really felt like I could trust her and she ensured I felt comfortable at all times during the process.

The results were phenomenal, as soon as I looked in the mirror I had the biggest smile on my face. Cannot recommend her work enough. Cannot wait for the top up.

Very professional organisation. Pee is very professional and explained the procedure thoroughly. We went through the whole process step by step and I was made to feel at ease throughout the procedure I am very pleased with the outcome of my eyebrows and have recommended Ophelia to my family and friends. Thank you

The service I received at Ophelia Aesthetics was amazing they were very professional, great with the communication, hygienic and listened to what I wanted to achieve for my brows.

I was very sceptical about tattooing my eyebrows at first because it’s a permanent decision, however it was the best decision I ever made. I’m so in love with my new brows and not only has it cut down time doing my makeup but it’s made me more confident and I constantly get compliments on how beautiful they look!

Came here to get my eyebrows done and couldn’t be happier! We had a consultation beforehand and Perveer was able to answer all my questions and put me at ease before my appointment. The studio was lovely and I’m so incredibly happy with my results – they look so natural and it saves me so much time in the morning! 100% recommend to anyone thinking of coming here! <3

Perveer was so knowledgeable gave me the correct advice. Professional and work with a passion up to date with her skill. I will be definitely seeing her again to have other procedures x  I love my eyebrow looks sooo natural

the BEST in the business. I’ve visited Ophelia Aesthetics for ombré brow, lash line tattoo and a mini tattoo from the flash tattoos the owner had designed. Every single visit has been an extremely pleasant experience, everything is cleaned and sanitised and the most important thing is you’re listened to and your ideas and wants are taken into account!

Not to mention how talented of an artist the owner is to create brows that are perfect for your face and drawings you want to tattoo on your body! Highly recommend – the studio is calming and beautifully decorated too. If you’re hesitating, book the appointment, you won’t regret it

By far the best experience ever, such a kind and talented woman who gave me a whole new look with my eyebrows. Her studio is goals and her work is the best I have ever come across, such a pleasant experience. Left with the best ombre brows ever!!!

I had the ombré brow treatment and I love the results! I love that they still look very natural.  Perveer is an absolute pro. She is professional, attentive and takes her work very seriously. The studio is beautiful and very welcoming. I wish I’d had this treatment sooner.  I highly recommend this place.

I always had issues trusting anyone with my eyebrows, but this girl right here really knows what she’s doing with 100% passion for her business. The neatest and most precise artist out there, trust the process and you will be permanently happy with the results! The most beautiful and organised studio for sure.

I have to say I am super happy with my eyebrows and it has given me so much confidence beyond my expectations hence why I will always choose her and her business!

A service I will use again and again and again !

I originally went in for stretch marks removal which worked amazingly well from just one session. I was extremely impressed with the cleanliness, the high standard service, the great communication and the professionalism so decided to get my eyebrows tattooed which I never thought I would do and it was the best decision I have ever made.

It has completely reshaped my face and I am so glad I did it at Ophelia’s because she actually cares about the clients and is always there to answer any of your questions and guide you through the whole process. I would honestly recommend her to anyone for any of her services because she really is talented and great at her job.

Had such a great experience at Ophelia aesthetics, very professional, approachable and patient through the process of ombré eyebrow styling.  Everything was explained well and all my questions were answered, helping me to make a well-informed decision and I’m happy with the results. A very clean and pretty clinic, the beauty is in the details! Would definitely recommend.

My experience at Ophelia was excellent! A 10/10 professional service. Perveer is so lovely and takes her time to explain the procedure whilst checking in on you throughout. The procedure itself is painless and I felt very relaxed. I love my new brows!! Obsessed. I’d definitely recommend Ophelia Aesthetics to anyone considering getting permanent makeup!

The studio itself is really aesthetically decorated so you’re guaranteed to feel relaxed and the cutest little aftercare kit is provided after your appointment for the healing process which I loved

I had an amazing experience from start to finish. Such a relaxing and calming atmosphere. Perveer was extremely kind and professional. She did an incredible job on my hair stroke eyebrows, so natural, I adore them. My tattoo was amazing too!

I’m not a person of so much words!..All I can say is if you are looking for the perfect place and Ombré brow artist, then look no more because Ophelia Aesthetics is the place. My brows were messed up by an amateur brow artist, then I went to Ophelia, I couldn’t have been more happier!..She’s absolutely the best !.

She was extremely nice and she tended to me so well during the treatment. She made me feel very comfortable and talked with me step by step how the procedure was going to go.

My brows look lush ! Perveer was professional throughout and really listened to what I wanted. She put me at ease throughout and talked me through every stage. The shape and definition is perfect.

At the end of the treatment she was really clear about what I had to do as part of my aftercare. A week on, whilst I am still very much in the healing phase, I absolutely love my brows already. She has done the most amazing job and I have no regrets at all. I can’t wait to see her again for my 6-12 week touch up, which unlike other places is included in the price.

Perveer’s work is not like anyone’s I have seen in Leicester or Leicestershire and I highly recommended her. She is excellent!

On the day itself. She made me feel relaxed. She spent a substantial amount of time mapping my brows into the desired shape and making sure I was involved and happy 110% before starting the actual work. The treatment itself can be a little uncomfortable at times, but Perveer made all the necessary adjustments to make sure I was comfortable all the time which just made everything so much easier for both of us.

Wow what can I say about Perveer and Ophelia. I came across her salon by accident on instagram. And the moment I did I was hooked. I had been looking for someone to do my brows for a long time and was super close to going with another person until I came across her account. From the moment I messaged her, she answered every question.

No stone was left unturned. She was so thorough in making sure I was suitable for the treatment, made sure I had all the necessary patch tests and go-ahead from the doctors.

Super professional and friendly! Perveer did my eyebrows perfectly & I trust her fully!  I am beyond pleased and will definitely be visiting again. Clinic is super clean and hygienic. Highly recommend!

Having seen Perveer’s work on instagram I also recommended her to friends who have also had a great experience. Will be recommending to more too!

I have long straight lashes so was worried about them looking too much and not natural, but was completely reassured by Perveer and felt confident and comfortable to trust her opinions. She catered to my needs and they are perfect.

I have never had anything done before so was a bit nervous especially as my eyes twitch but it was painless and I felt very relaxed. Perveer would check how I was throughout and also with check ins after the appointment. I will definitely be going back.

I got a lash lift and tint and honestly I love them!


Henna brows create a soft, sleek shape and stain the skin & hair, looking very similar to a healed ombre brow tattoo. Brow lamination relaxes the hair to give a lifted, sculpted, fluffy brow look and can be combined with tint for extra definition.

All brow appointments include a skin cleanse, our bespoke mapping technique to achieve the best shape for your face and brows as well as a wax, formulated for sensitive skin to give you a super clean finish. A luxury Hydrojelly mask can be added on at no extra cost for an extra boost of love and hydration, we have 24k gold and intensive aftercare – highly recommended for that luxury ending to your treatment.

Henna brows can last up to 2-3 weeks on your skin and 6-8 weeks on your hairs, brow lamination & lash lifts can last 6-8 weeks, with the tint used along side the lamination/lifts lasting up to 7 weeks on your hair and 9 days on your skin. These factors heavily depend on your skin type, lifestyle and how well you follow your aftercare.

You will be provided with full aftercare details, but the main pointers are keeping them clean and dry for the first 24-48 hours. After that period for the best longevity we advise you stay away from oil based, chemical and abrasive products, heat, UV and excessive moisture.

Henna stains the skin and hair for much longer than regular tint. Henna cannot however be applied alongside brow lamination and lash lifts, but we do use a hybrid tint that lasts much longer than regular tint for these treatments.

With our henna brows, brow lamination and lash lift services we offer every 7th treatment free when you have your loyalty card stamped each time. We also offer brow and lash packages.

Henna brows can be done a minimum of 4 weeks after the last application, for brow lamination and lash lifts we would advise a minimum of 6-8 weeks. If you’re wanting to alternate, a minimum of 6-8 weeks is advised between each.

Don’t worry! At your appointment we will discuss goals and expectations and adjust the treatment to achieve the look you’re after.

Patch tests are compulsory for all brow & lash treatments and must be done a minimum of 48 hours prior.

As these services are non permanent they are perfect for anyone who is not ready to commit to a cosmetic tattoo or can’t due to medical or religious reasons. However there are a few contradictions that may prevent you from having these treatments, if you’re unsure if you’re eligible or not reach out to us and let’s have a chat!


Please don’t hesitate to drop a message using this form, or if you’d prefer, contact me via one of the social channels below.